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14 November 2012 Written by 

Ash McTease on burlesque, fifty shades and becoming more confident through dance

We speak to Ash McTease of Showgirl Sessions on how dance can revamp every girl's life.

Possessing a love of arts and dance from a  young age, Ash trained as a drama teacher and studied acting and perfomance at college.

Annoyed at the focus that dance was just for skinny, slim girls, she decided to investigate other genres.

Her classes are a huge success and the glamorous Ash loves teaching women not only how to dance but how to boost their confidence. 

Speaking to CC Says, Ash said: " I looked at more glam styles of dance where womanly curves were celebrated and performance was individual rather than group. This was when I discovered Burlesque.

"I joined a local Burlesque dance troupe and researched the art form endlessly. When I graduated from uni, I set up my own Burlesque dance business to help other women feel sexy and confident through dance / drama. My confidence soared when I started Burlesque and I wanted to help other women experience the feelings of self satisfaction and appreciation for their own bodies through this dance style.

"There is wide variety of  ladies who attend my classes. Each woman looks completely different, they are of all shapes, sizes, age and walks of life! Some are students, some mothers, some business women, but all share the same 'want' to improve confidence and increase self esteem as well as lose weight, meet new friends and of course feel like a desired, powerful and sexy female!!"

She added: "At Show Girl Sessions, we don't just cover burlesque. We have all different styles of glam dance on offer to suit every lady!! From pole to Bellydance, Bollywood to salsa. I have designed two high impact classes primarily for weight loss too - Stiletto Boot Camp and Glamourcise. I also offer a non fitness based class - Charm academy, designed to learn women how to be treated with respect in relationships and play a little hard to get sometimes. 

"We offer monthly workshops as well as weekly classes,  these are normally role play based, and we all recently enjoyed our first fifty shades workshop which will feature in Love It magazine. 

"I hope more women continue to join us on our venture. We aim to create a safe environment for women to express and reinvent themselves."

We plan many exciting things for 2013, with a huge focus on Valentines Day.

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