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20 November 2012 Written by 

Make-up artist Lynn Brown on Autumn/Winter 2012 trends

I love experimenting and creating different looks during Autumn/Winter because it's the time of year that you can really make a statement with your make-up and and try out bolder colours.

In the run up to the festive season there are plenty of nights out and occasions happening where you can have fun with your make-up and be a bit more daring than usual. We tend to wear darker clothes at this time of year too, so our make-up can carry more of an edge. 

During the winter months our skin becomes drier and less supple, so to make sure your make-up looks at its best its wise to invest in a good quality foundation to help protect your skin from the harsh elements. I also recommend swapping your usual moisturiser for something with a richer texture to help combat any unwanted flakiness. In the winter I absolutely love using Origin's Make a Difference Plus moisturiser because it completely transforms dry skin and helps repair the skins natural moisture levels. I use the one for very dry skin because I love the ultra rich texture, but the range also caters for oily and combination skins as well. 

When it comes to foundation I highly recommend MAC Studio Sculpt because it not only provides excellent coverage, but it has fantastic staying power and a luxurious, gel based texture which is comforting when applied to winter skin. Another tip is not to skip applying face powder during winter because your skin might be feeling  drier - foundation still needs to be set if you want it to stay in place, but maybe you could try switching from a pressed powder to a loose, or apply whatever one you use very lightly with a large brush instead. 

What I really love about Autumn/Winter is that your make-up doesn't need to be understated; instead you can opt for a more dramatic look or wear products that are more glitter based and shimmering. 

Whether its mastering a smokey eye, wearing some false eyelashes or being bolder with a red lip - Autumn/winter Trends for 2012 are all about a timeless glamour that is easily recreated. 

The 3 key trends for Autumn/Winter 2012 are the return of some enduring classics; the statement red lip, the defined brow teamed with sculpted cheekbones,  and as ever, the dark smokey eye.  Here is my guide on how to achieve each of the 3 key looks for Autumn/Winter 2012:

(Before you have a go, my advice would be if you're going to go for  the smokey eye, then pair this with a nude lip - it's best to draw attention to one area of your choice, be it eyes or lips. If you fancy trying the statement red lip, then keep your eyes natural and stick to a slick of black eyeliner with plenty of mascara. Both of these looks demand a defined brow and sculpted cheekbones, so that takes care of the last trend!)

The 5 minute Smokey eye:

1: First prep the eye area. I use an eye primer from MAC all over the lid area and concentrate on making sure the crease of the eye is matte and free of any oil to ensure the shadow stays put. 

2: Next, lightly dust translucent powder over the entire lid area to set. (If you are trying the smokey eye for the first time it might be helpful to do your foundation afterwards, just in case any shadow particles fall onto the skin beneath the eye.)

3: Using a firm eyeshadow brush - I like MAC's #239 brush with  your chosen smokey eye colour - a versatile one I like to use is Bourjois Intense 07, and press the shadow firmly onto the lid area.

4: Blend the same colour into the socket line using a crease brush such as the #224 from MAC.

5: Using the clean side of the #239 brush, apply a nude toned eyeshadow to lift the brow bone - a good one to try is Bone by Bobbi Brown.

6: Line the eyes with a creamy black pencil such as Smoulder from MAC, concentrating on the upper lash line first, followed by the inner rim and smudge with the tip of the #239 brush.

7: Apply two coats of thickening mascara, preferably in black and you're done!

The Defined brow and Sculpted cheekbones:

I suggest using a brow pencil rather than shadow for achieving the defined brow, purely because a pencil will give you the required definition and intensity. For the defined brow trend I love the Penultimate Brow Marker from MAC because it is a liquid, pen style marker with a fine tip that makes this look easy to achieve. If you really don't feel confident enough using a tapered brow pencil then I recommend you try the #266 Angled Brush from MAC with a shadow in the same shade as your brows - it's the next best thing! 

1: Begin at the fuller part of the eyebrow, and using small, precise neat strokes, gently fill in the brows with the pencil/brow marker until you reach the arch then stop. 

2: Next, gradually fill in the brows from the arch down to the tip, extending slightly longer than the natural finish of the brow - this will elongate the eyes and add structure to the face. 

3: Once you have achieved the desired shape, run a clear mascara or brow set through the brows to hold them in place. 

4: For sculpted cheekbones, make sure your foundation is matte or lightly set with powder. 

5: You will need a full sized mirror (not a compact) a matte blusher or powder two shades darker than your natural skin tone and a good quality angled contour brush - I use the #168 brush from MAC. 

6: Before applying any blusher, place the brush on your cheekbone angled point facing upwards at the highest point and look at the contours of your face before you begin. The aim is to create a subtle shadow beneath the natural cheekbone, and give the illusion of more prominent ones. 

7: Next, gently load the angled brush with your chosen blusher or contouring powder and place the pointed edge against the cheekbones nearest to the hairline. 

8: Begin gently sweeping the colour under the curve of the cheekbone, keeping the brush strokes flowing in a downward direction and stop when you come to the apple of the cheek. 

9: Repeat and slowly build up the colour until you achieve a natural but defined shadow.

10: Finally, as you see your cheekbones begin to emerge, it is time to add a little highlighter. (You can use a powder highlighter or a gel/cream based one) 

11: Using your ring finger or very lightly with the tip of your contour brush, apply the highlighter along the upper part of your cheekbones next to the eye area. By contouring and sculpting underneath the cheekbone and then highlighting on top, you will instantly add dimension to your features. 

The Statement red lip:

In my kit I have so many red lipsticks but my 3 go to favourite shades are from MAC and each one suits a variety of skin tones. For fairer skin tones or those who aren't confident enough to wear a statement red lip (or if you're trying red for the first time) then I suggest you try a shade called Ladybug, which is a sheer red with a light glossy texture and a warm undertone, perfect for giving just a hint of colour. For olive to darker skin tones I love Dubonnet - it's a rich, deep claret red with a brown undertone and has a beautiful creamy texture. I pair this with Mahogany lipliner (also from MAC) and a touch of clear lipgloss for extra glamour. If a statement red lip is what you're after then you can't go wrong with MAC's Russian Red - a beautiful, bold matte red with a bluish undertone, which suits both light and dark skin tones. (This shade will act as an immediate tooth whitener too!)

1: Prep the lip area by making sure your lips are well hydrated and free of any cracks or dryness - nothing looks worse than red lipstick sitting in the cracks of weatherworn lips! I like to use a non-perfumed lip balm first to soften the lips - Vaseline is perfect - then I blot the lip area a couple of times with a tissue to absorb any excess moisture. 

2: Next, decide on which lip liner you are going to go for - either a flesh toned shade to gently outline and prevent any bleeding of your lip colour, or a red toned pencil to compliment your lipstick. I like to use Oak lipliner from MAC when I want a soft natural lipline with a red lip, but if I'm looking for a more dramatic effect I use Redd from the Marilyn Monroe collection also from MAC.  

3: If you are using a nude lipliner gently line the edges of the lips, then lightly trace over the entire lip area (this will help to keep your lipstick on far longer). For the red toned lipliner, very carefully using feathery but precise strokes, follow the outline of your upper lip starting at the inner corners of your mouth and working upwards towards your cupids bow. Repeat on the bottom lip. Keep a cotton bud handy to tidy up any mistakes!

4: Once the lips have been lined, blot with a tissue.

5: Apply your chosen red lipstick over the entire lip with a good quality lip brush - it really is a must when attempting a red lip! I use the #318 lip brush from MAC, which is a firm and precise lip brush that is also retractable and slides easily back into its case.

6: Blot the lips with a tissue and repeat application.

7: Lastly, clean your lip brush with a tissue and apply a thin layer of powder to the edge of your lips to prevent any feathering.

8: Wearing a red lip is high maintenance so keep a compact mirror, your lipstick and lip brush handy for any essential touch ups! 

Another major lip trend for Autumn/winter is for the truly fearless and that is a dark, vampy lip where anything from a deep shade of purple to a ruby red goes. If you're not sure about wearing a dark lip then you could try mixing your usual lip colour with a deeper lipstick in hues of burgundy or plum.

Beauty Products and Make-up I'm loving this month!


In my last feature I talked briefly about BB creams, and seeing as they're still the rage I thought I would go into a bit more detail for anybody who hasn't tried a BB cream yet or is looking to invest in one. So what is a BB cream and why use one you might ask? A BB cream (which stands for Blemish Balm, Beauty Benefit or Beauty Balm) is basically a primer, concealer, tinted moisturiser and SPF all-in-one. If you don't wear foundation or don't like the feeling of it on your skin, then a BB cream can replace your usual primer and tinted moisturiser and give the added benefit of a high SPF. If you wear a light to medium coverage foundation, you can apply a BB cream before your chosen foundation, and after your usual moisturiser. F or those of you who like a heavier coverage, a BB cream won't be enough on its own and is best used as a primer and added moisturiser before applying your foundation on top. Using a BB cream during the winter months will really benefit your skin and you will see the results quickly. I have tried all 3 of these BB creams which range in price to suit most budgets:

 1: Estee Lauder Daywear Antioxidant Beauty Benefit Creme SPF35 comes in 2 shades (light and medium) £32 for 30ml. This is a lightweight, oil free creme packed with antioxidants which you can wear alone or under foundation and I love the refreshing cucumber scent that is in the Daywear range. Well worth the money.

2: MAC Prep+Prime Beauty Balm SPF35 comes in 3 tinted shades (extra light, light and light plus) £22 for 30ml. This BB creme illuminates and retexturizes the skin by evening out oiliness and combatting dryness and is an essential buy for winter. 

3: Body Shop All-in-one BB Cream comes in 3 shades (01,02,03) £12 for 25ml. This creme has a very natural sheer finish, ideal for young skins that aren't prone to oiliness or for those who like a natural dewy finish. It  promises 24hr moisturisation and the pigment is released on contact with skin (although it looks white at first the colour adapts to suit your skin tone) The one drawback is that is doesn't contain an SPF, but is well priced because of this.


Three products I am using just now that I adore are from the HD range of cult make-up brand Make-up Forever. I read somewhere that their High Definition range was invisible to the naked eye and on HD television, so I was keen to try them out! Luckily the branch of Sephora I visited stocked the full HD range so I had a bought their HD Invisible Cover Foundation, HD Microfinish Powder and HD Invisible Cover Concealer and I am addicted! I used all 3 of these products for a photo shoot recently and my models skin looked naturally flawless. The foundation blends easily into the skin and has a medium to full coverage with an oil-free formula. I applied the HD concealer around the eye area and lightly to highlight the bridge of the nose and it gave my models skin a beautiful soft focus on each area. On top of these I used the translucent HD powder, which is super fine and doesn't feel like powder at all. Another Make-up Forever product that I'm addicted to is the Uplight Face Luminizer Gel in no.11, which is a gel-based highlghter for the temples and cheekbones. It can be used alone or mixed into foundation for a dewy effect and I use this on all my brides to achieve a natural glow. (The only downside is that it has a pump dispenser and you have to be careful too much product doesn't come out at once.)

Top of my Santa list this year is the HD Microperfecting Primer which comes in 6 colour correcting shades ( I really want the mauve and apricot correctors) and the HD Microfinish Cream Blush - only problem is there are 14 amazing shades to chose from!

These products are currently only available in the U.K at selected branches in London. Check out their website


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