Our very first charity of the month is Raft, a charity which helps people with skin disfiguring illness caused by wounds, burns and cancer.

Raft which stands for the Restoration of Appearance and Function Trust carry out pioneering research into practical and affordable ways to save and repair skin.

Started over two decades ago by four consultant plastic surgeons with a passion for supporting research and education in the fields of reconstructive plastic surgery and burn injury treatment.

Throughout their history, Raft have been at the forefront of developing technologies and procedures used to help restore or save damaged skin.

In 1995 the Duchess of Kent formally opened RAFT's new lab which is used to develop synthetic skin for patients with burns.

And in 2006, the charity received a confocal kit, funded by the Childwick Trust. This piece of machinery allows scientists to see live cells moving and reacting in real time.

The charity continue to strive in finding new and innovative ways to help those suffering from skin conditions, injury and disease.

This fantastic organisation is mainly funded by charitable donations. Please visit their website at www.raft.ac.uk

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