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27 September 2012 Written by 

Kate Holmes on her label Client and wardrobe must haves for winter 2012

Client label owner, Kate Holmes shares her fashion tips with CC Says and picks out her favourites from Client’s ultra chic collection.

Keyboard player with band also named Client, Kate has powered her love of military style uniform into her designs.

Featuring sexy fitted dresses and suave macs, the label were delighted when Vogue covered Client in their June edition.

And the snappy collection has also amassed a celebrity following with the likes of Anna Friel, Glasvegas star James Allan and Rhys Ifans all professing their love for Client.

Married to former Creation Records boss Alan McGee, the couple live in rural Wales with their daughter.

To view the full collection, please visit

How has the fashion world taken to Client?

“Well Vogue did a piece on the label which was amazing and miu miu have a fashion film out not dis-similar to our film Military Finishing School for that was pretty flattering...I think we are still very much under the radar but I always love the slow burn.....”

Client is very military-chic, why were you drawn to this particular style?

“I have always been in love with uniforms from early Roxy through to Kraftwerk and every stewardess uniform under the sun!”

Do the pieces reflect the music of Client as a band?

“Most of the dresses were variations on a theme of the client collection....they have been well researched!!”

Tell us about some of your pieces from the collection - what are your favourites?

“My fav is the NATO strict Trench as it is so wearable, sexy, sassy, waterproof and warm!!!!! perfect for these upcoming wintry days”

Other than Client, what are you favourite brands/shops?

“I love anything by Commes de Garcons...I love the Japanese psyche on clothing. My Favourite shops are Dover Street Market and Liberty and for quick fashion I love COS”

Heading into autumn/winter - what are your wardrobe staples?

“My Dries Van Noten sale jumper in blue wool..its like a dress I love it - I pull it on in the morning over my nightie to feed the horses!

“I love my Sander Long military boots.. I wear them with everything..and my old spiewak parka is a winter staple in the freezing cold of the Welsh mountains”

And lastly, what pieces should every woman have in her wardrobe?

“A Client uniform dress. of course!....for day, night, work and play! “


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